I got into writing late in life. I didn’t dream up stories as a child, didn’t scribble away during my teens. It was only once I got into my thirties that stories started popping into my head. And they do pop. One second they aren’t there and the next, a scenario, a character, a setting, sits there fully formed, waving at me. It’s strange but delightful.

One book idea grabbed me and compelled me to start writing. The first three chapters were done in a vacuum, unaware of the skills, techniques and artistry available to new writers. I started exploring this community of knowledge and realised I can apply these and do much better. So the first three chapters needed a good rewrite. But that’s one of the big lessons I realised. Writing is as much about rewriting as anything else. And that I need to keep my bum in the chair and type.

As to what I write, I don’t know how to categorise it. My ideas tend to be fantastical. I like giving a different life to characters, places, times. Taking normal things and reimagining them into something more playful and colourful. The themes may be small and personal or they can big and socio-political. But the constant thread would be that there is something about the scenario of the story that has been injected with a shot of imagination.

What else…well I’m late thirties now, born and raised in London, and you can call me Simon.



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